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  • About Me...

    I am a blessed wife of 14 years and a mommy to 4 beautiful kiddos! I have an intimate relationship with my Papa God and know I wouldn't be where I'm at without Him! I am passionate about children and believe firmly that they are our future and the best investment anyone could make is in the life of a child! I am a quote fanatic... And of course... I love me some Scentsy! :) Each month, a portion of my proceeds goes to a different cause. If you're ever interested in doing a fundraiser or simply buying product, you can visit my website at

    I worked in the corporate world for many years and climbed my way to the top, making a pretty good salary. One would think we had it all but my heart wasn't happy. I wanted more than anything to be at home with my kiddos and to be more available to my church, thus praying daily that God would open the door for me to do so and in the meantime, trying every WAH "opportunity" there was... with no success and alot of wasted money. :( I was laid off in early 2009 which allowed me to be at home with my kids for a few years but eventually I had to go back to work. I became a manager at a local apartment complex for a very short season... definitely NOT what God was calling me to do. But in that time, great relationships were formed and.... I was introduced to Scentsy! :) I love, love, LOVE smell good stuff and I was looking into getting something SAFE and decorative for the office that kids couldn't hurt themselves with and that wouldn't set my office on fire. ;) A friend of mine at church sold Scentsy so I talked to her about the product and she lent me a warmer for the office and a plug-in for the model. Everyone that came into my office immediately fell inlove with Scentsy and asked about ordering product and I thought.... hmmm... I could be making a profit here! ;) So I talked to my friend and became a consultant! (thank God for a husband who may have rolled his eyes but still supported me in trying, yet another, WAH business) :) this time, I had thrown in the towel and given up on any WAH type of company. I actually frowned upon the idea any time someone approached me with another "opportunity". This time was different, though. I realized that with everything else I tried, it wasn't the company or their products that didn't work... it was me! In order to be successful with any type of "product based business", you have to either believe in the product or be a great sales person! I'm not a sales person AT ALL and I never believed in the product. I simply signed up with the hopes of becoming rich. With Scentsy, not only do I believe in the product, I LOVE IT and MY FAMILY LOVES IT!! We ALL (including my hubby, lol) get excited when FedEx drops off my package every month and eagerly rip it open like it's Christmas time, lol! ;) I don't have to be a sales person with Scentsy because the product and my love for it does the selling for me! Not to mention the fact that they have the BEST enrollment package I've ever seen and the training and resources are AMAZING! I'm not rich by any means but my house is full of great products that are safe and last longer (and look better) than the plug-ins that we used to use and for once... I'm actually making money... rich or not! ;) My main focus is fundraising but if you ever want to have a party or if you're intersted in becoming a consultant, feel free to contact me!

    ** While my position at the apartments was short lived and not at all where I was meant to be... had I not been there, I never would have looked into Scentsy, thus never becoming a consultant or falling inlove with their products! With that said, remember that everything does happen for a reason, when one door closes, another one opens AND there is always a positive to every negative! :) 

    Remember... Jesus loves you... and Scentsy too! ;)

    Thanking Him daily for this journey I'm on and continually guiding me and never letting go of my hand!

    StayBlessed!                                                                                                                                                                            Isaiah 43:1-4 <3 

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