3 wild kid younger one with type 1 diabetes
Location: Buffalo, South Dakota
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    how come i can post long post

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    by tanyatilus posted at 4:32 PM on Oct. 1 , 2007

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    I am a mother of 3 and love it. I am living in the county were my husband has a job here in the oil field working on the oil rigs. We moved here in June 2005 and i am a stay at home mom . I lived all my life in Waukegan, Il. and he lived his life on a farm in Libertville Il. It is a different world out here from the way of the fast life there in Il. But we wanted a better life for our children. We live on just shy of 400 acers of cropable land and with a town population of a little over 350. It is gret a little lonely at time but it is okay. A Wal-Mart is 90 miles away, Sturgis were the big bike rally goes on is about an hour and half away, Mt.Rushmore is about 2 and half hours away. We are 45 minutes from the North Dakota boarder. Wide open spaces here.

    Kids can run all over with out worring about anyone coming and kidnapping them or hurting them in any way.

    If you are wanting to know how we got here. The story is My husbands family has owned this property since they homesteaded it in 1909. They came from Finland. Then we bought it from his grandmother in 2000 a few months before she passed away. When we bought it we had planned on building a house here in 5 years but when year 4 was approching and his job was good there in IL. we didn't think we would make it there in 5 years. Well in Jan 2005 Dave lost his job and i found out we were expecting our 3. We were so afraid what was going to happen. I worked for a daycare/school for a few months and then the news came that there was a job here at the oil field in south dakota. Dave left for an interview April 1 and came back home to IL and then he packed up some of his belongings and moved here with out his family to start his new job April 16th 2005. The kids and i finished up school for rebeca and work for me and i was starting to show and needed to get our little basement home packed up. Thanks to the family i was able to do it in a few months when Dave came home to IL. to come get us May 30th and taking a two day drive to SD we mad our new home in Buffalo SD. We stayed in a small one room apartment. Dave's great Aunt lived here on the Ranch since 1974 so we were not willing to kick her out we were looking for something to move in like a trailer when she decided to move into town (which is 7 miles away) there was a senoir apartments that she moved into and July 4th we moved into her trailer. We had to change a few things before moving in. The carpet in the room and living room had been in there since they bought the trailer in 1974 so you can guess how yucky that was. So here we are... loving the life that God has gave us and thanking Him for it everyday.

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