Mom of 2 very active boys!
Location: North Olmsted, OH ~ working from home in my PJs!!!
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    Just some quick info about me!  I LOVE being a Stay / Work at Home Mom!  I LOVE spending every day with my boys and I am able to earn an Income from Home!

    I am a fun-loving Mom who LOVES to spend time with her family and is also very Hard Working (from Home!!!).  I am very involved with my son's schools and I definately volunteer for too much (yes - i'm the one that everyone says - oh she'll help with that - and i do!).  I love sports and especially love to play tennis during the summer.

    The best part of my day is watching my boys grow and learn new things!

    I gave up my career in IT (where I worked 60 hrs/wk) to open my own retail storefront (where I worked 85-100 hrs/wk), which failed MISERABLY - then as I looked into getting back into the IT industry, I realized I LIKED making my own schedule and being so involved with the boys.  I also realized that if I went back to IT I would have to give all of that up and that someone else would be doing spelling homework with them and hearing about their day during snack time, and I just couldn't bear the thought of it.

    So after a long journey, I found AmeriPlan, and now I work from home 20 hours a week and I make my own schedule!  This is such a dream come true!!!!

    Drop me a line ... it would be Great to meet you!

    To our Friendship!

    Trina Poremsky

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    Do You Want The TRUTH About Working From Home?

    by trinaporemsky posted at 8:54 PM on Mar. 3 , 2009

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    kkrocks wrote at 9:19 PM on Dec. 21 , 2011


    Happy Holidays!

    SweetCharisma wrote at 2:35 PM on Dec. 17 , 2011


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    diane125 wrote at 10:50 AM on Nov. 11 , 2011


    Just stopping by to say hello from the Pro-life Mommies group! Hope to see you again soon!