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    Photographer (a struggling artist ) My influences= caffeine, poverty, depression, and invisible friends.

    I get a little tired of people who assume that just because you have kids, you are automatically completely uncool, and that all your time is spent wiping babies from head to toe, giving spit baths, criticizing their every move, volunteering for PTA, blogging in your spare time, clipping coupons before crock potting a pot roast, ironing the clothes, bleaching the whites, mopping the floors, harvesting your eggs, sewing for your etsy shop, scrapbooking the little things, taking pictures of everything they do, saving for college, reading Dr. Suess, socializing at the bus stop, sweeping the floor, laughing over coffee with your jogging stroller, wearing your birkenstocks and listening to Baby Einstein.


    Does not mean for one second that sometimes I don’t just want to be a kick ass girl with streaks in her hair, a ring in her nose, a tattoo on her arm, concert tickets in her purse, vodka in her fridge, a leather mini-skirt in her closet, her best single friends and a standing reservation for Las Vegas once a year with a don’t ask don’t tell policy, and the desire to just once be seen as more than the mother of 4 kids. Sometimes I just want to be seen as a “Maggie”

    A “Maggie” with an extremely adorable set of children…

    All my childhood I thrived on passion, whether it was passion of swinging on the swings at the park or coloring within those lines in the coloring books. To take something ordinary and make it your own is what passion is about. I grew up always wanting to do something great with my life. I could be a doctor, a veterinarian, an actress, something that the world would notice me for. As I grew older and life pressed on, I realized I didn’t need to be noticed, I realized then it was my passion and dream to notice people. 

    As soon as I could afford my first camera it stuck by me constantly, never left my side. All my friends always laughed because when most girls were glued to their purses and lip-gloss, I was glued to my trigger button. When any of my friends did anything, a party, a BBQ etc; I had my camera ready.

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