Mom of 2 crazy boys.
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    • Xander Xander 11 years old

      Xander eats constantly and...

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    It's potty time!

    by winddancer143 posted at 7:39 PM on Jan. 31 , 2008


    Bak, bak, chicken!!

    by winddancer143 posted at 9:05 PM on Jul. 25 , 2007


    Go, go, go, go, go!!!!!!!!!

    by winddancer143 posted at 12:14 AM on Mar. 12 , 2007

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    We decided to move back home after I became pregnant with my second son. I was unable to get a full time teaching job so I decided to embrace my stay-at-home situation and enjoy being with Bryen and taking care of myself through my second pregnancy. I am currently working as an online tutor through It allows me to bring in a paycheck while having complete control of the hours I work, the days I work, and keeps me in practice.  I went back to work after my first son was born and it was very hard. I felt guilty for being away from him at all and was afraid of missing too many important moments. Thankfully, as a teacher , I was able to spend the whole summer with him, but I am glad that I don't miss anything right now. They both change so much every week; you don't know what to expect from one day to the next.  I feel bad right that my husband misses so much working 2 jobs so that I can be home with them, but I grab the video camera frequently so he can see it later. He loves being a dad and lives for the weekends. 
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    valkins wrote at 10:31 AM on Dec. 11 , 2008


    Happy Birthday and many more. Enjoy your day. Valerie!

    Kaytiesmommy wrote at 5:36 AM on Dec. 11 , 2008


    On this special day, I just want to say Happy Birthday.

    sibimom wrote at 12:42 AM on Dec. 11 , 2008



    GoodMorningSir wrote at 7:32 PM on Sep. 16 , 2008


    I made a group to form a strong - ad free - community of women who are running a business from home, or hope to in the future. Not only can we discuss and share ideas, but there will be plenty of information and resources available through the group. I think it will be really great to have all this information easily accessed from one place! I hope to see you there.

    calydu wrote at 11:20 PM on Mar. 12 , 2007


    Lesson #1 If you would like to have someone as a on their will see their on Invite as friend (is in blue ink by your picture) can type a message and/or go to bottom and click send. So, practice on me..cause I am looking forward to having you as a friend and getting to know you. LOL

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