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    Elissa 10 years old

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    Maxwell 11 years old

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  • Meet CafeMom's WorkAtHomeMama: Christina Wiler

    (Originally written and posted on CM a looooong time ago!)  :)

    First, I'm a wife and a mom.  My toughest and most rewarding job so far has been raising my precious Emma.  Emma is an undiagnosed special needs "puzzle".  Maybe one day I can come back and update this but for now she's just a beautiful 8 year old girl that has unknown reasons for learning disabilities, auditory and vision processing problems and a few other nuts in the mix too.  We just say we're a team.  "Emma and Mommy ~ Working to make Emma as smart as she can be."  Our weeks are filled with appointments to doctors, chiropractors, occupational therapists, neurologists and the list goes on and on and through it all she keeps a smile on her face and a bounce in her step.  I'm a detective and an investigator 24/7 trying to find answers to help her in any way that I can.  I will never stop making sure that she has every resource available and open to her. (Update: In November of 2010 Emma received a Dx of Autism.  Something I suspected for almost 8 yrs.)

    Then I have Maxwell and Elissa. They're 18 months apart, however they act like twins.  I homeschool them right now for preschool and in the fall of 2011 Max will go to Kindergarten and possibly Elissa will go back to traditional preschool ~ it'll be up to the little princess herself.  :)  (Update: Max is now almost 7 and in the 1st grade and Elissa is 5 and just entered Kindergarten and broke her mommy's heart by leaving her alone at home!!)  :)

    Then, since 2006,  I'm a two time business owner and entrepreneur.  It is very important to me that I'm able to create an income from home so that I can be here to take care of everything I need to do for Emma and my other two children.

    How have I been able to work from home for so long?
    The key to my work at home success has been STAYING IN ONE PLACE.  Have you noticed how so many people jump from one company to another? Everyone is looking for that Pot of Gold.  They all say they don't want to get rich quick but be really do want to start today and be making $1200/wk by Friday, right?  Well, wouldn't we all!!  Sorry to tell you, that job isn't out there.

    I found a GREAT company early on and have been smart enough to just STAY PUT.  I learned early on that it was very important to soak up everything because I didn't know ANYTHING.  I was going to be a sponge and I was going to do everything to become a success.  Today, I show my team how to translate that into their own businesses. Remember what Nemo said?  "Just keep swimming..."

    You can see exactly what I do by going right to my site:

    You're also going to find a lot of info right here on my CafeMom page too.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in working with me.  I'm telling you, I've been here since 2006 and it's been a blessing to my family.  I would NEVER do ANOTHER network marketing company EVER.

    What Else Do I do from Home?

    I'm a web designer and own my own business as well!  CWD Creative  is where I get to be creative.  I am a professional, unique, affordable branding and WordPress Blog/Website development company that focuses on the individual and the small business owner.  My branding and website development packages are focused on the client who has not updated his website recently or the one who hasn't even ventured online due to the extreme cost of the traditional graphic/web designer.

    Now you've had a chance to get to know me, I'd love to get to know you too!!  Send me a note or a message or write in my chatterbox and let me know a little about you.  I can wait to get to know you!  :)

    Now you've had a chance to get to know me, I'd love to get to know you too!!  Send me a note or a message or write in my chatterbox and let me know a little about you.  I can wait to get to know you!  :)

  • Find me on the web

    The First FB is for my Work At Home Page
    and the Second is for my Design Biz Page
    Join me on both!

  • Listen to the Ameriplan Overview. & Watch my Story too. :)

    5 Minute Company Overview

  • Amazing Trips ~ All Expenses PAID!!

    I'm sure you can tell by looking around my page that I'm more than PROUD of the company that I've been working at home with for such a long time.  Not only do I get paid for the work that I do, but I have been blessed to have been rewarded with some FABULOUS all expense paid trips as well as rewards for the hard work that I've put in. 

    In August of 2008 ~
    Ameriplan awarded it's top producers and their guests to an ALL EXPENSE paid trip to Las Vegas.  I'd never been anywhere NEAR Vegas so this was more than an exciting adventure for me.  Below are a few pics:


    October 2009 ~ Ameriplan awarded the top 50 producers and their guests with an ALL EXPENSE paid trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We had the time of our lives. It's a trip I'll never forget. We were treated like royalty. It was absolutely amazing. Below are some pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

    I then won another trip to Las Vegas and a trip to Colorado Springs, CO. both of which I had to SADLY decline participation in due to the needs of my daughter here at home.  It was sad to turn down the fun, especially knowing what the red carpet treatment feels like that we are given on these fabulous trips, however, my entire reason for working from home IS my children and they most certainly come first!  Las Vegas and Colorado will always be there for me.  My children need me TODAY.  :)

  • Leaders of Tomorrow 2008

    Every year, AmeriPlan Corporate hosts a prestegious Leadership training. It is an incredible honor to receive this invitation. There are over 60,000 IBO's in the company and only 50 are chosen to attend. It's an all expense paid trip to our corporate office where the red carpet is laid out for you! Out of the 50 IBOs they chose last year, 35 of those 50 came from my team - The Freedom at Home Team (including myself) and 2 of them were from my organization. Here are some pictures from the event:

  • Legit?? ABSOLUTELY!! Here are our references:

    Ameriplan is a PROUD to be a member of or partnered with
    the following organizations!!!

  • What's On My Mind

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    Starting a New Chapter in my Life

    by workathomemama posted at 9:49 AM on Dec. 6 , 2012

  • Request Your Interview TODAY!!

    Have you ever tried working at home?

    Have you tried something from home and found that you just weren't teamed up with the right leadership?

    Have you been wishing you could find something real that would allow to create a real income from home?

    I've been working for this same company since 2006.  Join Me!  You can do it too!!

    Follow these 3 SIMPLE STEPS before you jump in and get started:

    STEP 1.) Learn about our opportunity.  You can listen to my overview by calling: (641) 715-3900 ext: 281629 or Or you can visit my website and  read all the information about our home based company and our career opportunity.  There you'll find further research links to explore as well.

    STEP 2.)  Get your questions answered!  Call me (260) 444-3367, Email me: or PM right here on CafeMom.

    STEP 3.)  Get started today!  CLICK HERE to join now! (wasn't that SIMPLE?!?!)  :)

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    ☆~☆ SHAMELESS☆~☆
    Are you a woman who wants to
    Be able to speak your mind freely
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    The only thing we are missing

    is YOU! Moms Inc

    We have new posts and a contest going on in the group so come on by we are waiting for you.

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  • Hi! Thanks for Visiting My Page! :)


    Hi!  My name is Christina Wiler and I'm PROUD to say
    I'm SUCCESSFULLY working at home!

    I'd love to help you follow in my footsteps. 
    Here are my accomplishments up to this point.
    Ask me how you can join me!

    My Accomplishments:March 2007, Regional Sales Director
    November 2007, Senior Regional Sales Director
    February 2008, Millennium Club Member
    July 2008, Executive Sales Director
    August 2008, Senior Executive Sales Director
    August 2008, $25K President's Club
    August 2008, National Sales Director
    Leaders of Tommorow, Class of 2008
    2008 A.C.E. Broker Recruiter
    2008 Member of the AmeriPlan Council of Eagles
    FAHT Rising Star 2008 Award Winner 
    Three time Panel Member at the FAHT '08 Winter Convention
    Round Table Leader ~ FAHT '09 Winter Convention
    Round Table Leader ~ FAHT '09 Summer Convention
    2009 Ameriplan Convention Awards:
    $25K Presidents Club
    National Sales Director
    Top Producer Trip Las Vegas Winner
    Top Producer Trip Mexico Winner

    Top Producer Trip Las Vegas Winner (again)
    Top Producer Trip Colorado Springs Winner
    Convention Speaker ~ Success Story

  • The True Leader's Creed

     I am committed to being a True Leader

    That's it from this day forward.
    My Choice is irreversible
    I fear not the unknown.
    I will do whatever it takes.

    I won't look back, let up, slow down, or back away. I am finished and done with average living, small  planning, fruitless dreams, wishful thinking, small talk, chintzy giving, and dwarfed goals. I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed.

    I will stand firm and hold my ground
    in the face of sacrifice, not hesitate in the presence of challenges, not back down on the field of battle or allow popularity to interfere with my purpose.

    I will set an example, be the example and lead by example.  I will not look left, nor will I look right, for I will always look up.

    I will never settle for less than the best that I am. My integrity and honesty will never be compromised.

    I will be true to my own convictions,
    whistle my own tune through my own lips
    and march to the sound of my own drums.

    I have committed to being...A True Leader

    Dr. Herb Oliver
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