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    20 things I wish I could say....

    by wpbmommyof2 posted at 11:07 PM on Nov. 10 , 2007


    The concert......

    by wpbmommyof2 posted at 4:11 PM on Nov. 4 , 2007


    Middle school kids and guns....it's a sad world.....

    by wpbmommyof2 posted at 9:35 PM on Oct. 30 , 2007


    The pursuit of happiness.....

    by wpbmommyof2 posted at 4:06 PM on Oct. 28 , 2007



    by wpbmommyof2 posted at 10:21 PM on Aug. 21 , 2007

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    I am a 28 year old single mom of two boys that are 3 and 5. They keep me on my toes most days and they keep me tired all days. I am getting ready to go back to college to obtain my LPN, I feel like I am not getting younger so I need to do it now. Yes this means that I moved back in with my parents but there was no way that I could work full time, go to school full time, and raise my wonderful little boys. I love the outdoors, spending time with my boys and my family, reading when time allows which isn't often and soon it will only be text books, I love the way a simple I Love You can make me feel, I love to meet new and interesting new people, and I love to spend time with my boys did I say that already. There are very few things that I hate, although I do hate liars, cheaters,and players, people that cut me of in traffic, people that drive with their blinker one, you get the point, I just can't stand it when people don't use common sense!

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    amberlove175 wrote at 10:46 AM on Feb. 29 , 2008


    Umm hello stranger!! whats going on???

    amberlove175 wrote at 5:04 PM on Feb. 26 , 2008


    Hey honey how are you? i miss talking to you i was just making sure all is good!! love and miss you!

    amberlove175 wrote at 5:12 AM on Feb. 12 , 2008


    No need to im out, ill keep her posted on my life thank you!
    anyways how are you honey missed ya! hope to talk to ya soon love ya

    myangels310 wrote at 10:49 AM on Jan. 31 , 2008


    Once you've been hit, you have to hit 8 awesome moms.
    If you get hit again you will know you are really "Beautiful".
    If you break the chain nothing will happen, really!
    But it's always nice to hear that someone thinks you're "Beautiful!"♥

    NiknSuzie wrote at 11:31 AM on Dec. 22 , 2007


    Hey girl hows things going with u? Haven't talk to u in a while. Hope u have a good xmas!

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