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  • Aubrey
    Aubrey 10 years old

    Aubrey just turned 2 back...

  • Devan
    Devan 17 years old

    Devan is my soon to be step...

  • Hello! Welcome To My Page!!

    Hi, my name is Mandy(Amanda) and I am WAHM of a beautiful daughter, Aubrey, and a soon to be step son, Devan.  I enjoy being home with them and making a living to support my family.

    My life was going awesome until my SO lost his high paying job last month. Things were getting rough, but I was able to start working with THE BEST company there is!! They have literally kept my family affloat in this hard time. Thanks to this opportunity we didn't lose our home while waiting for unemployment!


    Pre-paid Legal Services  is a 38 year old Cash Rich company with no debt!

    They are 36 years Publicly traded on the NYSE (PPD) and trading in the top 20!!

    They are now listed 8 consecutive years with FORBES magazine in the top 200 BEST SMALL US BUSINESSES (nov 09 #66)

    They have been listed in every financial large magazine across the board INCLUDING Fortune (beats out Nike, Microsoft and more)

    They are BBB A+ rated

    And they are to have a.......55% .........GROWTH over the next 10 years (as stated by the President of the US Chamber of Commerce....yes they will be in 58% of ALL US HOUSEHOLDS

    We have been named THE BEST Compensation Plan there is!


    They offer Daily DIrect Deposit

    We offer DIRECT ACCESS to your complete Director AND Executive Support line 24/7..

    We ARE the Number 1 team in the Entire Business

    What you will RECEIVE

    * 3 free Websites

    * Free Training and Top support

    * Unlimite access to everyone and every tool needed



    Vist MY SITE

    for all your information and get back to me ASAP!

    Amanda Moyer


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  • About Pre-Paid Legal Services

    What exactly is Pre-Paid Legal Services?

    In 1972, Harlond Stonecipher started Prepaid Legal Service. Prepaid Legal service is a public company (NYSE:PPD), and you can find them under the direct sales company. I knew of their existence before. But they actually recently caught my attention after a lady tried to recruit me into her business. She was an associate with the company. Is prepaid Legal Service a scam? NO. As a Prepaid legal associate, can you make money with the opportunity? Why not?

    What is the Product and/or Service?

    As you can probably guess from their name, they offer legal services for regular folks like you and I at a relatively cheap price. I am talking of $26 per month or something in that range. You would be able to pick up your phone anytime and call the lawyers anytime. I believe this is a good deal.
    Also it is worthy to note that these lawyers are all experience lawyers. The last time I checked, it cost almost $100/hr to see a lawyer who just finished law school. But here, you get access to them for $20/month. You cannot beat this deal.
    The services includes protection against identity theft, review of contracts, tax audit services, motor vehicle services, covers preventive legal services, trial defense services, , and legal shield. The identity theft service is not available for the basic package but you can always upgrade to that for additional $10 per month.
    It costs $249 ( They are running a $72 promo right now, so act fast!!!) to become an associate. This is relatively cheap compare to other business opportunities out there.

    How does the compensation plan work?

    Here is the juicy party. As a prepaid legal associate, how do you get paid in the Prepaid Legal business opportunity? OK, I will be honest with you here. Prepaid legal has a complicated compensation plan. But let us break it down as much as we can. You get paid when you personally acquire customers to buy the prepaid services. You get a percentage as they pay the monthly services fee.
    You also get promoted when you recruit people and get them to become a prepaid legal associate just like you are. In the prepaid legal complicated payment plan, you can get to 5 positions.
    1. Associate
    2. Senior Associate
    3. Manager
    4. Director
    5. Executive Director

    Should you join Pre-Paid Legal?

    That is your decision to make. Can you make money with the prepaid legal business opportunity? Definitely. The compensation is arguably one of the best ones out there. As a prepaid legal associate, you might need to work on your sales skills a little bit. But who says getting financial freedom is easy?

    Another skills set that you need to refine as a prepaid legal associate  is your marketing skills. What if I tell you that there is a way you can market yourself in way that people will running to you with their credit card in hand to join your prepaid legal business? You need to leverage the internet. There are tons of free methods you can use online that will place you in front of millions of people per day.

    Customer Reviews

    Recently, I contacted Pre-Paid Legal Services with a matter. I am writing this letter to let you know that, because of your persistent, professional care and handling of this matter, I’ve been informed that the [financial systems company] has closed out my file due to the fact that my file was produced in error.

    Thank you for making my experience with Pre-Paid Legal a pleasant and trusting one.

    R. Cody, NY

    Dear Mr. Stonecipher,

    I am so grateful for my Pre-Paid Legal membership. I am an Associate here in California. I am so grateful to be in the business of helping people. The reward is seeing this service changing people’s lives for the better. My membership has saved me thousands of dollars in the last 13 months that I have had it.

    Last week I was served papers on a child support issue, where I had to talk to the law firm in Indianapolis. I was referred to [a lawyer]. She was AWESOME. [She] was very specific in what I needed to do, she was very friendly, and just made me feel important and confident that I was going to be well taken care of. This is the first time that I have had to hire an Attorney under Title V, and I hope to get to be able to work with [her]; but I feel great knowing that who ever I get will be awesome. This service is INCREDIBLE!

    Thank you so much for Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. God Bless you.

    D. Otten-Gomez

    I have a testimonial for one of New Jersey's Provider Attorneys from [the Provider Law Firm]. I was looking at upwards of $1,500 in fines, court costs, and attorney fees along with points and loss of license as well as loss of current employment. My life would have come crumbling down if it hadn't been for this service. I am especially grateful to [the attorney] from the Clifton, New Jersey office of our Provider Law Firm. He was very prompt at returning my call and handled the entire event with the utmost professionalism as well as a great bedside manner. The happy ending is with the savvy of [the attorney] after he communicated with the prosecutor there were no points, no fines, only court costs, all from a reduced charge, and of course his fee.
    Thanks Pre-Paid Legal for being there when I really needed you. I am so proud of this company that I am also an associate telling others about this great service.

    W. Lewis, NJ

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    Hi, Just dropping by to tell you we have missed you in Mommy Movers and Shakers and hope you'll drop by and let us know what you have been up too

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    Hey Girl!

    Thanks for the friend add. I've met some really awesome people on here. Don't be a stranger. Pop by and let's chat sometime. :-)

    Take Care!

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