Mom of two kids...stepmom to one amazing daughter!
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    Hey!  My name is TJ and I have 3 wonderful children!  Amanda is my stepdaughter and she is 19 years old.  She is an amazing girl!   She is taking care of her mother, brother, works full time and going to college.  Gage is my son who is 16 years old and wants to be a model.  He just got his 1st car and 1st part time job!  He currently lives with his grandma in Boise....by choice!  Zoe is my little peanut! She is 5 years old and so full of it!  She talks nonstop and loves to entertain. 

    I have been married to Kore for 8 years.  He is a stud!  We met while working in a bar together.  We share a love for the great outdoors and tattoos. 

    I work as a fraud investigator in a large insurance company.  It is a great job but makes me crazy sometimes! 

    .I have 3 dogs that I adore.  Brodee is a 2 year old Lhasa Apso, Annabelle is almost two and is also a Lhasa Apso...and then there is Toby TBone!  He is a 7 month old Yorkie.  He is so crazy!  He thinks he is a great dane or something!  He has no fear!! 

    I love to watch reality tv!  It is so darn entertaining!!   I love tattoos but dont love getting tattooed!  I just finished my back piece and am saving money to work on my old school flash sleeve!  I just love all the old school flash that I want a whole sleeve with all different kinds.  My dad was in the Navy and he has several so I guess it is sort of a memorial to him.  He has two sparrows on his chest and when I was a little girl I used to run around and pull my shirt up to show off my "birdie!"  

    Anyways....that is me in a nutshell!  Always happy to meet new friends so if ya wanna...go ahead and add me!  Peace! 



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    Barkley is a MORKIE...he is a Yorkie/Maltease

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