So I'm finally working on potty training my son. I had read the book, and we've been talking about it since summertime, but anytime I would ask if he had to pee, or wanted to sit on the toilet, it was always a very polite "No." Didn't want to push it or make a big deal of it, so I haven't. But I decided I need to work on it with him.

My epiphany...Mini m&m's! Anyone that has spent any time around Connor knows that he's quite motivated by food. So I told him he would get one m&m for sitting on the toilet, and 2 if he went. Needless to say, he was quite willing when I asked if he wanted to try.

So...yesterday he got 1 m&m 3 times, but never actually went. However, today, he got 2 m&m's 3 times! He didn't try quite as often, but every time he sat on the toilet he went!! In fact, one of those times he got 3 m&m's because he was in the tub and said "Mommy, pee pee". He was actually informing me that he needed to pee (instead of just going in the tub), so he hopped out and went. I was soo proud, and we talked about it all day.

Can't say he's even really close to being potty trained, but what a difference a little motivation makes!

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Jan. 17, 2008 at 12:49 PM Wow, that's awesome!!!  Any little bit of progress is soooo encouraging for you....uh, for him, I mean! lol.  This is a great time to work on potty training anyway, not much else to do and stuck inside, right??  I'm glad the m&ms are working, french fries would be tough to keep around in bulk!

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