Some days my faith in mankind takes a nosedive, over small things normally.

Today while waiting to pay for our meal at a local restaraunt Jeremy went to find the cashier because we'd been standing there a moment unnoticed. While he was gone I stood there holding Violet. A woman in a Fantastic Sam's smock came bustling through the door, looked at me as though I were somehow less than. (Well, she does work at a high end salon- Fantastic Sam's, at a strip mall, in a small town in West Virginia, afterall! She has every reason to be uppity.)

Not only did she look at me in a condescending way, she was obvious about it too. AND she went ahead and stood in front of me in line! Well, Jeremy came back with the owner so we could check out and go. This lady acted as though he jumped in front of her. She is truly amazing!

Well, that is all fine, she's rude. Whatever. However, Violet is a sweetheart and says hello to everyone, anywhere we go. So there she was waving her little hand saying "Hi!" I know that witch heard her. She pretended not to. THAT is when I got mad. You don't diss a 13 month old, especially mine. I should've said, "it's okay baby, not everyone has the manners of a toddler."

Oh, the best part? She was there to get plastic spoons, apparently she didn't have anything at her high-end salon (hahaha!) to mix up bleach with. The man's native tongue is Spanish, so she made sure to enunciate "plas-tic spoons" with a ridiculous diphthong to show what a real jackass she is. OMG. The guy told her they only have silverware so she left without so much as a "well thanks anyway." She just looked annoyed that the world had wasted her time.


Ughhhh. People. Why???

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May. 21, 2008 at 9:17 PM Some people just have no couth.

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May. 21, 2008 at 9:18 PM Yep.  This is why I stay home most of the time!

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Jun. 11, 2008 at 6:59 PM People suck.  Sorry she was rude :|

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