Boy what a night this turned out to be. We had dinner early which meant baths were done early and I had an hour before bed time so we decided to go for a walk around our neighborhood we should have read an extra book!!! But I had Lain in the stroller at the top of our driveway (small hill) and Logan was already booking down our driveway (on a little 3 wheeler thing that he's had since he was 1 and I can't believe he still rides it over his big boy bike but whatever. But that means no helmet because he technically can't go that fast!) Anyway, I told him to slow down because he got up some good speed and was headed straight for the road which my neighbor was coming down so I yelled at him to slow down and make sure not to go in the road and BAHM! he completely lost control and slammed the side of his face into the square post of our mail box! He screamed so loud. Well I left Lain at the top of the sidewalk to go console Logan, my neighbor at this point is out of her car walking over to check on him/us, and as I'm picking Logan up blood is gushing out the side of his head. I couldn't see how big the cut was because there was so much blood and I instantly put my hand over it to try and put pressure on it. I yelled at the neighbor to please get me a towel or something and I pulled my hand away and blood was pouring over the side of my hand so I just kept my hand on the side of his head. I was imagining from the amount of blood that it had to be a huge cut. The neighbor had called 911 when she went back into the house to get towels (which I wasn't exactly sure she needed to do but I guess better safe than sorry) It didn't take long for them to get to our house though which I'm happy about. Like 3 minutes! It was fast. So anyway, it was still bleeding but nothing like it was and there was a hole in the side of his head. I could see inside. It was so disgusting. Logan was pretty excited that the fireman and ambulance and the rescue truck came to his house! They checked him out and wrapped his head up and told us they would either bring us to the ER or we could go there on our own. We went on our own. He ended up getting 3 stitches and had to get a tetanus shot (dogs pee and crap in our yard so I didn't want to take any chances) He did really well with the stitches only complained a couple times that it hurt. But oh man, he HATED getting the shot. My poor baby. I'm going to put a picture up that we took after he got his stitches.

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May. 22, 2008 at 10:08 PM Boys will be boys. :) Im glad he's okay. I don't know how you dealt with that tho, im dreading the day one of my kids gets a head wound, they make me pass out litteraly .... I can't take the blood. Good for you for being able to take care of him threw it all.

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May. 23, 2008 at 8:25 AM oh my goodness!!! I had a tetanus shot when I was about 3 years old - in my foot! I remember it like it was yesterday! It was HORRIBLE! they had to give me a shot inside the cut! EWE!!!! I'm glad Logan is okay though! There is nothing scarier than our little ones hurt!!!! especially with blood gushing down!!!! way to hang in there mama!

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