I work for Dr. Myron Wentz, recipient of The Albert Einstein Award for Life Science through Nutrition, and award just below the Nobel Prize.

He has been talking about this FOR YEARS before the reports came out.
I have seen his ward winning supplements work on degenerative diseases and health issues.  Here is a list of products to detoxify your system of these metals. 

Do not buy anything over the counter as they too have potential toxicities such as gasoline rom the machinery that omits chemicals while filling capsules.  Also, the FDA does NOT regulate supplements therefore legally the product can have 10% or nothing of what it says on the label! 

Here is a report...


Save Your Brain by Removing Toxic Aluminum
From Your Body

Aluminum is thought to play a major role in most of the neurodegenerative diseases and has been a suspect in Alzheimer’s for many years as well as in the development of dementia, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) and other degenerative diseases. Experimental studies show that aluminum can produce all the same changes in the brain we see with Alzheimer’s disease. Most of us are exposed to dietary sources of aluminum including cookware, medications, baking powder, vaccinations, several foods (teas) and public drinking water. Normally, people absorb very little of ingested aluminum, but recent studies have discovered that those with Down’s syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease absorb a lot more aluminum than normal. In fact, Down’s children absorb 11 times more aluminum than is normally absorbed. Children with Down’s syndrome have the same pathological changes in their brains as those with Alzheimer’s disease. Ironically, several commonly consumed products dramatically increase the absorption of aluminum and increase its toxicity in the brain. Fluoride, when combined with even small amounts of aluminum, produces dramatic destruction of the same brain cells that are destroyed in Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, as little as 0.5 ppm (parts per million) fluoride added to aluminum in water was found to produce extensive brain cell loss in the hippocampus, the memory part of the brain. Most water systems add 1 to 1.5 ppm fluoride and all add aluminum. The amino acid glutamate, as found in monosodium glutamate (MSG), also increases aluminum absorption and deposition in the brain. MSG is added to most processed foods, usually under a disguised name such as hydrolyzed protein, soy extract, natural flavoring or even spices. As with fluoride, glutamate is even more destructive to brain cells when combined with aluminum. Another surprising culprit is citric acid. Lemon juice is high in citric acid, as are most citrus fruits. Adding lemon to tea, for example, increases aluminum absorption from the tea (which contains very high aluminum levels) over sevenfold. This is why you should not add lemon to your tea. Chemicals that remove toxic metals such as aluminum from the tissues and organs of the body, do so by a process called chelation, hence they are called chelators. A study done in 1993 at the University of Toronto found that patients given aluminum-chelating drugs deteriorated at half the rate of those given no treatment. Recent studies have found that using aluminum chelation could reverse the pathological changes characteristic of Alzheimer’s dementia.  You can reduce your brain load of aluminum yourself by using the following supplements, also shown to significantly lower brain aluminum. Magnesum citramate. Magnesium reduces brain levels of mercury and the citramate, a combination of citrate and malate, has been shown to significantly stimulate elimination of aluminum from the body. Ascorbate (as magnesium or calcium ascorbate). A study found ascorbate to be a very effective chelator of aluminum, especially when the aluminum was bound to brain cell DNA. Taking higher doses of ascorbate with the magnesium citramate increased the removal of aluminum even more. Malate. Malate was shown to be one of the more effective aluminum chelators for the brain. Pyruvate (as calcium pyruvate). Pyruvate has been shown to effectively prevent aluminum absorption. Flavonoids. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables. Supplements containing flavonoids, such as quercetin and hesperidin, also prevent aluminum absorption. Chlorella helps remove mercury and lead and may remove aluminum. These supplements are in addition to the antioxidant vitamins you normally take.  
  • USANA HEALTH SCIENCES were rated number one in "The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements."
  • USANA is still the only multivitamin listed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)

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