Are we repeating history? I found this link and it makes me wonder.....  

 .....Some of the insignificant details have changed (such as the manufactured items) but the MAIN POINT is being repeated again in our time. We are being pegged as the bad guys.... AGAIN!....Should we have let Iraq continue to suffer under their government of tirants?  Is it too much to ask that immigrants into our country follow the rules to enter here? We don't say no, we just ask that they follow the same rules our families had to. We ask that the american language be learned, that our laws be followed. We ARE a generous people, don't  soil YOUR  nation of people by "painting the picture" that your country (that you're leaving behind by the way) is a people of sneaks, and law breakers. I don't think they are, just the ones that come here DEMANDING that we change to suit them. (imagine what we would call a child that behaved like that)

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