OK, for those of you who don't know what Third Watch is, it was a show on NBC from 1999-2005. It focused on the Police, Paramedics, and Firefighters of New York City, particularly the 3-11PM shift. It covered, as Jason Wiles (Bosco) said, "Oridinary people doing extraordinary jobs." It dealt not only with what happens on the streets, but also dealt with how these heroes dealth with the aftermath. It was about working families, and the comraderie <sp> and competition that goes on between Police and Fire depts all over the world.

 On the Season 1 DVD set, in the bonus features, Coby Bell (Ty Davis Jr.) said that on more than occasion, he had young cops come up to him and tell him, "I watched the show growing up, and I became a cop because of you." These young cops could have easily turned the other way, and become drug dealers, murderers, and just plain ols street trash....and they didn't. they didn't because of Third Watch. Yes, it was fictional; it was also real. If more shows like Third Watch, I really think crime would go down and we wouldn't have the shortages we do when it comes to police, firefighters, and EMS.

 The triad of everyday heroes (police, fire, and EMS services) need our support, and they need to know they're appreciated. Third Watch did that, and could do it again, if given the chance.


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