I am hot and tired and depressed!!!... The house is so hot I can barely breath! My house is a mess and I feel so tired and dont want to do it. No it isnt real bad... to most ppl but to me it is a pit!!!.... I hate cleaning as it is and hate even more spending hours cleaning to have someone come behind me and mess it up!... Grrrrrr I hate being such of a perfectionist!.. So what I clean the counter and someone sets a dirty cup on the counter... My do I feel like throwing my hands in the air? I feel myself getting frustrated and dont know how to stop it!... I want my house clean. Yes I have 5 kids and I believe they should help but since someone who shall remain nameless told them that kids should be kids and I should do all the house cleaning I cant get them to do much of anything!... YES I am the parent.. but I refuse to beat a kid into submission. I spank but I refuse to abuse my kids! Take shit away... they look at me like.. "Oh you think that will bother me?" We have taken electronics, tv, computer, ect...., toys, time with friends.... so on and so forth.

I am tired of seeing these 4 walls every day! I want to go someplace. Go talk to someone. But I have no one here I can go talk to!... I know things will probably get worse if we get the house we have been offered. We will once again be out in the country and that means even less ppl around. Of course that means I will feel a bit more freedom. Some may not understand that but that is truely how it feels. I can let my kids play outside and NOT have to worry about neighbors complaining cuz my kids are yelling and laughing to loud. Anyway... Guess I just need to vent. Thanks for reading.

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May. 30, 2008 at 5:29 PM I know exactly how you feel. the thing I hate most in the world is cleaning. I will clean the whole house and the very next day it looks like a tornado went through. My husband is the worst about helping clean. I will load the dishwasher and 2 minutes later bring his dishes out and lay them on the counter above the dishwasher. Never fails that I clean the toilets just in time for one of the boys to fill it up good. The boys will fight any type of cleaning for them to do. It's like pulling teeth.  You are not alone feeling the way you do.

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May. 31, 2008 at 12:49 AM Get those 5 little whooper snappers to work.  Assign chores.  That will be one of the greatest lessons that you teach them.  Then they will not be lazy, irritating adults.  It starts now!  No privledges, until they are done.  They take something out, they are responsable for putting it away!  A good behavior chart is how we do it in our house.  When he gets it full of good behavior points and finished chores, then he gets to choose a fun family outing.  It promotes teamwork and make him feel good about himself.  Plus I do not waste all my energy nagging at him.  Now, if only I could give my husband one of those charts!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL!

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