Took Nico to the doctor for a well-baby check. He's edging underweight. Apparently he's not eating enough. He's pretty much an "on-demand" eater when we're together, but I have him to about 5-10 ounces when he's at day care. He's content when he eats what they give him, so I figured he's just small. They said I could start with cereal and to come back in a month. I might just call them if I weigh him at home. 

He got 4 shots and the oral Rotavirus vaccine. Why? Because that's what the baby book says. I am all for people who make the conscious decision to reject recommended vaccinations, but frankly, I can't understand why. Who in the room has the medical degree and has cared for literally thousands of children? Not me. 

Besides, my aunt is recovering from breast cancer. She can't be around unvaccinated children.  

The day care had to give him formula yesterday-- first time in his life. He didn't throw up-- at least, no more than usual. I'm taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle to increase my supply, and pumping whenever I can. even if only an ounce comes out. (Brewer's Yeast helps too. I was drinking one bottle of Sam Adams Light daily for a week or so-- but I can't take beer to work... as much as I could use it! But seriously, I can get Yeast caplets at a health food store)

We'll be together all summer, starting in two weeks. I'd like to never need that formula again... well, maybe for making cereal... we'll see 

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May. 31, 2008 at 2:16 PM Oatmeal (or anything made from oats) is supposed to help supply as well.

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