Are you ready to change your current situation, and build a future for your family at the same time?

I am looking for Moms who are SERIOUS about Working from Home & who want to make a difference in their family's future. 

I have a home based Business with Ameriplan.  This is NOT a job.  It's a 100% willable / sellable business.  You can sell it down the road if you want to, or you can will it to someone (your kids), for them to inherit!  It's a way of leaving behind a financial legacy for them.  I don't know of any "job" that will pay your family once your gone.  It's time to make a change for the future!

How do I do it?  I put in about 10-15 hours a week,  I do it when my kids are napping or sleeping at night. I am committed and dedicated, and looking for moms to join my team!

I can't even begin to tell you how this company has changed my life.  I did my research (and a lot of it!)  The most important thing for me when I was choosing a company to work with, was that it needed to be not only legitimate, but also credible, trustworthy and well known on a NATIONAL level.  Most companies I came across online didn’t fit this mold.  But fortunately Ameriplan surpassed it!

I am partnered with the largest National Discount Medical Benefits Company in the United States, with over 2 million members on our discount benefit plans, and over 50,000 independent reps working from home.  We’ve been in business for over 15 years, and are based out of Dallas, Texas.  Ameriplan has the highest rating possible with the US Chamber of Commerce, we are also members of the National Association of Dental Plans and the Consumer Health Alliance.

Our company has even been recognized and featured for the unique way we allow people to work from home, in publications like “The New York Times”, “Wall Street Journal”, "Dallas Business Journal", "U.S. News & World Report",  and “American Medical Review”.   Also “60 Minutes” with Morley Safer did a big special on our home based company.

Ameriplan has over 500,000 providers nationwide, including doctors, specialists, and dentists.  We are also partnered with big name Fortune 500 companies like Lenscrafters, PearlVisions, Sears, Target, K-Mart, Wal-mart, Albertsons, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and many more!  So we not only have our reputation to uphold, but also the reputations of all of these doctors and companies we work with.

What we offer:

Daily Pay
Residual income
Opportunities for growth
Flexible hours working from your home office
Free benefits for you and your entire household
Free training & ongoing support
Mentorship program to help you reach promotions
401K plan
The security of a Nationwide, Established Company

Work at home the way you want to with:

No Cold Calling
No Selling, Stocking or Delivering Products
No Pressuring Others
No Home Parties
No Complicated Paperwork
No Collecting Money or Placing Orders
No Large Investment

I would LOVE to help you work at home, if that is what you have been dreaming of.

This is your opportunity to finally get ahead in life, but even better, you can take charge of your future.  No one can tell you how much money you can make with this company.  No one can fire you or lay you off.  You are your own boss.  Why not work with a 15 year old company that has a service that people really need?

I'm rooting for anyone who has the desire to really make a life change for the better.

If you would like to request an interview: CLICK HERE

You can also call me direct: 310-613-1239

Kandra Morales

Regional Sales Director
Ameriplan USA
Regional Trainer & Benefits Specialist
310-613-1239 home office

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:55 PM Hello  i have been looking for a work from home job for a long time now. But all i have found are scams and i have been looking for about a year now. So what makes this one so different what is it that you actualy do for the company. And how much money would i have to pay to get started could you please Email me and tell me. Thanks for your time and have a great day....

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:59 PM I have sent you an email.  Thank you for your inquiry about working at home with us.

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