Today was a bit of a lazy day. London & Evan woke me up at 6:09am this morning. I got them  milk and let them watch Caillou while I showered and dressed. I dressed them and we went to the store, being out the door by 7:30am. I got them each a new toy (again) at walmart. I got London a Snow White princess toy. And I also got her Belle, but I will save that one for another time. I got Evan another car, from the movie "CARS". I will probably buy that the next time I am at smith's and save it for Xmas or  his birthday. He loves the shirts and toys, but has never seen the movie. 

 At home, I was going to make the kids breakfast, but they insisted on fishy crackers, (whole grain of course). So I let them have those. London wanted string cheese (2%, hormone free, of course). And they had juice with their "brunch". They where good about playing in the play room with their new toys while I put the week's groceries away. At 10:30am, Evan came up to me and wanted a binki to go night-night. I didn't want them to nap that early. So I went into the play room and played with them til about 11am. Then Evan asked again for a binki. So, I put both kids down for a nap. I think Evan went to sleep early. London took a bit longer, but by 11:30am they were both asleep. During their nap, I was on the computer for a bit. Then I watched "Mona Lisa Smiles" on tv. I had never seen it before, and I liked it a lot. When they woke up, neither of them wanted lunch. They where both up by 1:30pm. I went back in the playroom, and played with them a bit longer. London was being fussy. She wanted to go back to the store to get Belle. She insisted and was throwing a fit. I took the Princess toys away, I thought maybe I have been spoiling them with all these new toys lately. It's just that this past year was so horrible, I want to 'make it up to them', now that we have a little money, you know? She settled down after a bit. I made her pb& J for lunch with princess soup which she usually loves, but wasn't to into. Evan had a half of grilled cheese. After lunch we went to the playground for about 35 minutes. It was really hot today, 85 degrees. The playground at the end of the street has NO trees. Evan and London where both flushed and hot. London had big girl panties on,and was complaining of a tummy ache. Of course, Evan didn't want to leave, but it really was too hot to be there at 4pm. So we came home. I got them their water bottles, then put them back out in the car and went to Wendy's for dinner. When we got back, I made vegi nuggets and corn to go with their french fries. They had applesauce for dessert. Then they played really good after dinner. At 8:30pm I put them to bed. Other then the usual toddler fights and things, it was a nice low-maintenance day for me. But I deserve the break. Yesterday I played with them tons!! And did their 'rose garden' pictures, played candy land, went to the park for over an hour....and this whole up coming week will be mega busy. So, today was a nice lazy day. 

 I don't think they got to sleep before 9pm. It is now almost 10pm. Tomorrow is church from 10-11am. Tuesday, I will see about going to Jen's from about 9:30-noon. Wednesday is bible study from 9:30-11:30am, then Fellowship at the Farm from 7-8pm. I am a littler nervous about their set up there,but I will see. If it doesn't look "safe", I can always stay with the kids. Thursday is playgroup at the  church. Then Coffee talk on Saturday, 11-1pm. Then church on Sunday...Chris will probably be back next weekend?? Some time?? But I told him I am not going to interupt my plans. I should also have my cloths in the mail by Friday. And I will ask about a Seattle PO box. (The Secret). So, yes...this next week will be busy. 

 Well 10pm on Sunday night, I have to go make up my dinner menu for the week. 



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