So today I watch a movie about friends and come home and type up a thing about how much I miss having close ones, and then a couple hours later I get a call from my godmother who is of course theeeeee closest woman to my heart now that my Mom has died.. and was close even before then.

I talked to her for 45 minutes and just hearing her voice is a balm to the soul, she is so kind and wonderful and loving. That woman has been through hell, lost both of her daughters and is still the purest soul I have ever met. She forgives people who wrong her horribly. I could never be like that but I sure do admire it in her. I'd also like to castrate the people who have wronged her horribly. But I can't.


Then I get a call from her daughter in law who is also a very warm loving woman.. very family oriented.

My godmother's sons have always been my "brothers" as far as our families have been concerned, and this daughter in law is the one who would remind her husband/my godbrother "Call your sister!!"

His real sisters died long ago, one in a horrible crash, one was murdered. He's known me all throughout growing up, we were born a month apart.

Considering I'm an only child, someone considering me their sister is kinda cool, especially since we only talk once a year or so and see one another every decade. But I was moaning in my earlier journal about freindships that withstand time and distance.. and I get 2 phone calls from people who certainly fit in that category, especially my godmother who knew my mom in high school and me since I was born.


So at the end of the day, Sex and the City was a good movie and I am indeed blessed with people I can talk to about anything if I just take the time to think about it. Funny how they can call me out of the blue right when I need a reminder.

yay :)

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Jun. 23, 2008 at 1:15 AM Good post. I love it when I get a sign that everythings gonna be ok. I've yet to see Sex in the City, can't wait!! Just watched August Rush tonight, I bawled at the end. Think I needed to. mstess

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