Hello everyone, I would like to take the time to bring to your
attention to a work in progress site designed for single parents &

I, myself as a single mother have spent several years learning the
pros and cons of the legal system, and what we have the right to do.

During my long journey, I thought of the many single mothers/dads
that are in need of help and general knowledge of the legal process,
also just a friendly helping hand.

I have started this site hoping that it will make a difference in
single parent/guardian lives and as well as our children by paying it
forward and spreading the word.

My goal is to start a non profit organization, and hopefully in time
be a national website that will not only help Arkansasans but
everyone in the world.

Please take the time to view the site:


I would love to hear your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions.

**** Together as one we can make a difference.****

Thank you for your time. 

       **** I am still looking for possible volunteers****

             If your are interested please feel free to email me.


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