How dose this sound to you?

Buy products that are better for you and your family. I am relieved to know that when I clean my house, do laundry or even bath my children I'm not exposing them to unnecessary chemicals. I also am helping the environment by not flushing chemicals down the drain.

The company you would be working for has been green before green was popular. And has been in business since 1985. On the better business bureau as one of the best home based business.

I help my friends and family rid their homes of unnecessary toxins. Many have thanked me for this because they are finding that many of their health problems are decreasing. They also benefiting from telling others also.

I also help other people who want to start their own home based business. So you are not alone. We are a team and work together. I believe if I can do this any one can.

I'm my own boss! I can take off when ever I want to. I can go to school functions and help my children's class on field trips. I am also lucky that I can afford to get my children what they need. And from time to time a little extra. It is so hard not to spoil them, I also don't take my baby to daycare. I care for him and don't worry about the care he is getting.

If any of this interest you let me know I would love to help you.

Alicia Pfeffer



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