My day started off with Kenna waking and coming down to me with splotches all over her face/neck all the way down to just above her knees.  Her back was one solid red splotch.  Of course, my hubby is out of town for five days and my dad is gone for the morning and won't be back until 11:00.  I called a friend to take my oldest and youngest so I could take Kenna to urgent care, but not knowing if she was contagious I nixed that idea and loaded all the kids in the car and headed to the doctor's office.

By this time Kenna is crying because it hurts her feet to walk.  Once we are seated in the waiting room she is sobbing because her feet hurt so bad.  After checking them out the rash has spread all the way down to her feet and her feet are totally swollen, chubby little toes and her skin felt tight from the swelling.

We get in quickly and the nurse asks the PA to pop in and see us before the other three patients and we are advised to go straight over to the emergency room.  She was concerned at the rate that the rash/outbreak was progressing.  She didn't want to send us home with directions of taking Benedryl without observation should my poor little girl go downhill quickly, not being able to breath and all the other scary stuff that comes with a possible allergic reaction.  So I load up my three kids, call my dad and head to the ER.  My dad will be coming up and picking up Tyler and Abigail as soon as he gets back into town.

About 45 minutes after being given several different drugs I was able to see signs of the hives start to get a bit better. By the end of our 3 hours at the ER she only had faint marks on her legs and arms and all the swelling was gone from her feet, knees and elbows.  Ugh!  What a morning!

However, by the end of the day the hives have all started to get bad again and her poor little hands are swelling.  In about six minutes I can give her more Benedryl and hopefully that will work or we may be headed to the ER in the middle of the night.

We packed up stuff for a quick overnight stay and we're at my dad's tonight in case I have to take off with Kenna.  Thank goodness for my dad.  This would have been a horrible ordeal had he not been here to help with the kids. 

So I probably won't be getting much sleep tonight so I can watch to make sure her breathing isn't affected, administer Benedryl every 6 hours and keep an eye on the hives.  We have no idea what she had a reaction to, but the dr. said it was a pretty severe reaction.  So we will probably consider having her tested for allergies, because the thought of not being prepared scares us to death.  

So wish us a safe night of sleep and hives that magically disappear.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 2:09 PM Wow! That is terrifying! A parent's worst nighmare for sure. I hope she gets all better soon and that you guys find out what caused the reaction. I will be interested to know....

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 5:19 PM

holy crap! how scary!! how is she doing today? you totally could have called me to take your kids! i would have done it in a heartbeat!! do you have any idea what may have triggered it? i hope she is doing okay today. let me know.

*ps--i know of a good allergy tring to make you laugh* 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:39 AM

Poor pumpkin, I wonder what the heck triggered it??  Keep us posted & I hope you all get some sleep.

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