I go to a great relaxing, refreshing, yoga class on sunday nights at 5:30. If any of you ladies would like to join me it is in huntington beach, on beach and garfield at yoga shakti. each class is fifteen bucks but they have great package deals  if you end up liking it! which i am sure you will !! It helps you get in shape but gives you a nice break from home as well !! you will be refreshed for the week! I just wanted to share that with you beacause it has benefited me so much!! hope to see you there!! oh yea they do provide everything if you do not have a mat ! so no excuses ! lets go yogis!! by the way no i am not the instructer! i just go to the class ! I dont get anything for promoting this I just want more people to enjoy it! the teacher is mary and she is wonderful! sorry for the misunderstandings.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:11 AM i really should get into yoga. i need to de stress. maybe i will join u... im out of town next week, but maybe the week after!!

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