At the first part of this year I turned 40.  One month later I found a lump on my right breast.  After an urgent trip to my doctor, mammogram, breast ultrasound, and trip to a surgeon, I was blessed to find it was only a cyst.  I later found out from my mother there is a family history of breast cysts.  Whew!  One month later, I began have bleeding between period.  Again, back to the doctor, referral to a GYN, ultrasound, and biospies later confirmed I had a fibroid.  My mother didn't meantion the history of fibroids until I asked her after that appointment.  It is now the end of May and now my right knee is swollen and very painful and again, back to see the doctor.  A very expensive MRI later confirms bursitis.  The most frustrating thing about this whole first part of the year is that every visit to the doctor our conversation begins with, "well, after the age of 40 most women no longer produce the same level of estrogen."  The best part of the first part of this year?  My health is excellent and I am only human.  The second?  My best friend, Aimee, who was beside me for each episode.  "Wow, when you blew all those candles out, you must've blew out quite a bit of estrogen!"  she told me. I don't know where I would be without the strength and humor of my best friend.  We left our families at home Friday night to have a drink, eat dinner, and see the movie, "Sex In The City."  I hope I am as good as friend as she is.  I have the BEST bestfriend in the whole world.  I really hope everyone of you can say the last two sentences about your friend(s).

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