i am ready for next week. not for work necessarily, but for my COOKIE LEE order to come in.  i can't wait to wear my new jewelry. it's so cute. and it works great because i have to dress up every day. so even khaki's and a button up will look more professional. i ordered last night. i'm a little nervous about my sign up, it was more than i expected and we are a little tight on cash, but that's ok, because i'm going to make this work! i have a positive attitude and that creates positive results!!!!

how has everyone's weekend been? ours has been very... productive.  i went and got our new-er mower today, thanks to my  uncle for helping us out.  then i came home and we mowed the yard and weed-eatered. LOL.  the kids had fun playing outside. tomorrow we are going for a walk in the morning and then a bike ride tomorrow night. and that's what i'm looking forward to. i hope everyone has a wonderful sunday! leave me some love!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:35 AM I just love you .. your so funny.. I could feel so down and then come and read your post and your just this ray of sunshine. It puts me in a good mood. Regarding your jewlery I always have thought you may be broke but dang you feel and look good being poor. Have a great weekend.

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