This weekend we went to Walla Walla, and Keith met with the superintendent of the golf course, and they actually offered him a job. It wasn't quite what we were expecting but it should be really great!  All of our family lives in Walla Walla (cept my parents and one set of grandparents) and so it will be great for the kids to grow up with their cousins. 

It's a happy time, and a sad time also. Through Cafemom I have met some great people, and I am going to be really sad that I have to leave.  It's been so nice meeting everyone.

 Oh yeah, we are moving in about 3 weeks. 


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 6:34 AM Dear Shanni,
Although i don't know you very well, Moving can be very stressful, if you need anything I'd be happy to help in any way i can!

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