we were together for 3 months before i found out i was pregnant. we are getting married in a month ant 5 days. and now out of the blue you deny your own son!! you make all these plans to marry me. i go get a dress cant you see this wasnt fake. this was ment to be. he is yours i dont no why you cant see it. he has your lips your eyes and your ears. he has your skin tone your last name. your mom even said he has your family corrcked pinky! i dont under stand why you dont see it. when you walk threw the door from work his face lights up withjoy. he opens up his arms for you to hold him and love him. he no's y our his dad his own flesh and blood.. how can you reject such a beautiful thing? YOU got what you wanted a little baby boy. he's six months old now... and now you have your doubts. how am i sopost to just sit and wait around for you to relize how big of a mistake your making. when you relize that Ian MICHAEL is yours!!! your going to feel dumb when you roll over in the morning and see none of our things are there and we arnt asleep ready for you to kiss us good bye on your way to work! but you soon will realize the one thing that loved you the most is gone and you screwed up.!!!!

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