I am soooo tired of being in the army. The sacrafices we make every day is not worth our pay. It has kept me and my husband apart for 3 years...we've been married for 4 year. My daughter, who is two, doesn't even really know me or her father. What is a woman to do after she has already made this committment to serve her country. I cry, but that don't help. I fuss about the things that are wrong, and they sometimes seem to get worse.

I guess the best thing is that you meet new people and make good friends, but then you have to leave them. No fun in that. But someone has to defned our country in the time of war. Yep and one of those someone is me. Leaving behind my family to protect others. Even when I think it's meaningless to be over in Iraq. At times we as soldiers don't even know why we are fighting. No one can give us true answers. Yet because of the boots we wear, we go over and some of us give our lives. When was the last time you thanked a soldier?

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 4:13 PM I hear ya loud and clear, Sweetness. The dual military couple has it harder sometimes then just one spouse in the military. I'm here for you, you already knew that. Keep being the strong woman you are and in the long run all of this will be worth it. Semper Fidelis and Hoo-Ah and all that fun crap.

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Jul. 1, 2008 at 11:29 PM I agree so much it is a hard life but it is the life i chose and the life i live with dignity and pride that i am a us military wife and that my hubby is out protecting our homeland. i thank him all the time and i will say thank u to u and ur hubby. semper paratus proud to be a uscg wife.

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Jul. 28, 2008 at 10:10 PM

Thank you. More than you could ever know. Your sacrafice makes it so we can chat on this forum and have the right to do so many other things that we just take for granted... I know it does not seem like much right now with all you are dealing with but thank you.

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Aug. 5, 2008 at 4:51 PM

My husband is a 34 year veteran and we thank you for the sacrifices you make to defend our country. There is no greater honor and you are loved and thought of everyday by thousands of us who have gone before you. The threat is real, more than anyone can imagine and many attacks have been prevented because of our great military. God bless.

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