Ok ladies I need your opinion I was talking to a "FRIEND" on IM and showed her the pics of the tests and my belly. After you read it please let me know who was right I know I was but it's bugging me. Because sometime she has dule personalities Thanks (I'm in pink) 

Kathleen  you look upset
Shannon  there they are

Kathleen  ok, you pregnant again
Shannon  yeah but remember i got my tubes tied
Kathleen  sometimes those tests are fake, go to a dr. to find out first
Kathleen yes I remember, but tied tubes aren't a garentee either

Shannon  i took 2 tests and i'm having signs i go to the dr mon
Kathleen if you are pregnant, the Lord wanted you to have another,
Kathleen for some purpose
Shannon  i already have a belly
Kathleen congratelations
Shannon  ty
Kathleen The power of the Lord works in a misterious ways
Kathleen  Ysvw,
Shannon  here is my belly
Kathleen do you know when you got pregnant
Shannon last month my period was not normal and this month i didn't have one
Kathleen  that isn't much of a belly
Kathleen  small
Shannon i little belly lol
Kathleen maybe you will have another boy
Shannon a
Kathleen  that way you will have 2 boys 2 girls
Shannon i don't know lol
Kathleen Go get checked out ok, don't let it go to long ok
Kathleen  go to another doctor
Shannon i'm going monday
Kathleen that is great
Kathleen  what does David say

Shannon  he don't know lol
Kathleen  and why not
Kathleen  that would be the first I would have told
Kathleen  he is your husband
Shannon  he knows about it he just doesn't know what to think lol
Kathleen  thats not what you just told me,
Kathleen are you afraid what he might think

Shannon i took the test when he was here and i showed him
Kathleen  unless you are going out with somewone else
Kathleen  that is good, and he didn't say anything
Shannon  you saying i'm cheating on him
Kathleen  no, unless you are afraid because it someone elses, he should be the first to know
Shannon  why would it be someones
Shannon  elses
Kathleen don't ever be afraid to tell him anything, if you trust him
Shannon  i told him the day i missed my period
Kathleen  taking it out of context, I am not say you did,
Kathleen  that is good, and he still doesn't know what to say or do about it,
Shannon  why did you say this then---->unless you are going out with somewone else
Kathleen  because you didn't tell him silly, and you need to trust him totally if you are married to him,  because you didn't tell him
Shannon  i did tell him
Kathleen  ok, then exnor what I said
Kathleen it just went right over your head
Kathleen  it was just a form of speach
Kathleen  You take everything i say to you  wrong,  I might not have said it right, not good at saying what I ment, sorry,  congratulations, and may God Bless you and your family, 
Kathleen  I pray that you get that house more than ever now,  you will need it
Shannon  i did i take it wrong when you asked if i was seeing someone else
Shannon  how
Kathleen I didn't say you were seeing someone else,
Kathleen  read it again
Shannon : Kathleen  unless you are going out with somewone else Kathleen  no, unless you are afraid because it someone elses, he should be the first to know    
Kathleen  unless you  are  afraid  of it being someone elses, not that it was
Shannon  well if you say unless it's someones elses then you are saying i'm seeing someone else
Kathleen  no I am not
Kathleen  NIGHT
Shannon  explain then
Shannon that's what i thought
Kathleen Jim wants to play, I am not going to fight with you, I didn't say that you were cheating, but if that is what you want to think fine,
Kathleen  not I did not
Shannon  DAMN


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 2:27 AM Well, in her defense, sometimes when something is typed, you don't really get the tone that the sentence is said in.  Maybe she meant it sarcastically?  Unless she is that type of person to throw rude comments out there like that?  But in your defense, that was messed up

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 2:28 AM it sounds like maybe she was just playin around..you said at first that your hubby didnt know ,maybe that was a little shock to her,but to me it seems she meant ni harm.But then again i really dont know her or her personality so i could be wrong.Congratulations by the way best of luck to you

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 2:31 AM

This "FRIEND" sounds like a real piece of work.  I agree with you,  she did say  it. You never said anything even remotely close to what came out of her mouth. I hope that she isnt a real close friend because if she is, I would be looking for a new one. Friends do not say or even think like that. Keep your eye on her so that she doesn't  accidentally say the wrong thing in front of your husband and he start thinking the same thing.  I hope that you are OK with this and I feel for you because you fell into the 1% .  Keep your chin up and continue to be the great mom  that I am sure you are.


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 2:33 AM She is always trying to put me down on things one min she could be really nice then next thing you know she is being mean. and on the part where I said he didn't know she ask what did he say he didn't know meaning he didn't know what to say. 

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 5:03 PM I see what she saw. She said what does he think. U said he dont know. LIke he doesnt know what he thinks, but I think she thought He doesnt know--period. She just didnt catch that, dont get mad, it was a mistake.

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