Today may 31st was joshuas 1st birthday and I have wanted to cry all day! He has been through so much in his first year and it has gone bye so so fast and i dont know where it has gone! It seams like just yesterday that i was having him and bringing this 6lb3-1/2oz little boy home from the hospidle. All he wanted to do was cuddle and now he is 25lb and 32in long and dosent need me as much as he did a year ago and it kinda sucks! But i guess that is what ist all about right! But at the same time im so happy that he has made it this far, because at one point in time i didnt know if he would make it tell his first birthday, and if he did if he would be ok. So im happy that he has gotten to this day and that he is big, healthy and very happy!

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