Well my husband and I were going to go to the gym with his friend and his wife, but they never called, go figure. So we  have the neighbor babysit and went to watch Iron Man. It was better than I expected, I'm not really into the comic book movies. Although I did really like Spiderman 3 too. But I'm just more of a comedy girl, and sometimes a good romantic movie. I really love "My Best Friend's Wedding" and Dirty Dancing:Havanah Nights. Those are my 2 favorie movies. Because they are so romantic and I get all swept away into the movie! lol. Cuz you have to love with a passion! lol.

 But, anyhow. off subject-a lot of people are pregnant now! i remember how exciting it was when i was pregnant with my daughter. everything except the morning sickness, but it was worth it. good thing i didnt work then! haha. but it goes by so quick, its like you dreamed it up! you know how it is. and even though my daughter is SUCH a handful sometimes, i miss those days. i cant wait until we have another cute little baby! lol. well, i can wait, but i cant. have to do the college thing first and get a job and house, after my hubby gets out of the Navy soon. But it wont be THAT long, like 2 more years. I guess its not that long to wait as i'll be busy with college and we'll be moving around. But if our next one is a boy, I will be soooooo happy! I think one of each will be perfect, then you get to experience the differences of raising a boy and a girl. Right now its all dolls and tea parties and disney princesses, I want to experience the G.I joes,  toy trucks and cars, and playing in the mud too! lol. i just cant wait. incase you didnt know, me and my husband make good looking babies! lol/

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 3:25 AM iron man was a good movie, better than i expected considering i don't really like robert downey jr. i have one of each child and it is fun to play princess and fun to play like a boy. hope it works out for you!

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