I changed my phone number about a year ago because I was receiving some unwanted prank phone calls from old "friends", and some other stupid people I don't care to know anymore.  Also, I had just gotten married and had my baby... so I was really set on moving on with my life and I was sick of an old boyfriend calling my phone and leaving stupid "I still love you" messages.  I mean, I don't want any problems with my husband, who does?  So I did what I thought was right and changed my number. 

So I get a call last night from an old friend named Josh.  It turns out that MY  MOM gave him my phone number.  Josh and I were friends, and that's all... but he became a little stalkerish because he would call my phone a lot.  I would never call him back, but he would still call me and leave me messages all the time.  After months and months of him calling and me not answering he finally stopped... for a little while.  Of all people to give my phone number to, it had to be him!  This just proves that she has no respect for me or my family.  I just keep thinking- Is she trying to start problems?  My husband wasn't very happy about this guy calling me because he knows that this guy has had a crush on me since high school. 

My mother and I don't have a good relationship.  Growing up, she was emotionally and sometimes physically abusive.  So, I haven't spoken to her in over a year now because we got into a fight and she said some pretty messed up things to me.  So I'm just so upset that she would do this.  I mean, I changed my phone number for a reason right?  If I wanted to talk to this guy I would've given him my phone number, right?  WTF??  Why doesn't she just give out my address and work address/number while she's at it? 

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