me and my boyfriend have only been together ALMOSt 4 months, we knew from the moment that we met that we could spend our lives together. the ONLY problem is that im 18 and he is 17. well we lived together for alil while and we wanted to have a baby together. well now im 6-7 weeks pregnant and he dont even seem like he cares. i moved back home with my parents to get the medical help that i knew i would need. and since i found out that im pregnant i have been sickier then a DOG. But my boyfriend is just mad bc i dont feel like seeing him. what do i do?

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 6:35 AM The whole problem here is that you are both very young. I had my first kid at 17. The second when I was 19 and the third when I was 23. All with the same man. From the time I was 16 when we got together till we split when I was 25 we had both changed. You still do not know who you are at that age trust me. I am not being mean at all here. But you will find out when you are about 5 years older you are diferent form who you were then. He is more then likely not ready to have a baby yet and start a family. Good luck hun!! Hope evrything works out for you two!

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