I am a mother of two wonderful children.  I enjoy being at home with them.  I have went through everything trying to find a job working from home so I can be here with my kids. The cost of child care is insane. Weekly I see things on the news about child care and sitters that just scares me to death. I feel safer with them at home with me. As for my adventure for searching for a job from home, I went through everything. I started with the mailing list for mailing flyers, then went through paid surveys, paid blogging, pay per click, mystery shopping, selling products, I even went as far as paying for a site that claimed they would give me a legit list of work from home jobs and unfortunatly they were scams.  I will admit a few worked and were real but the very little money they paid wasn't worth the aggravation of emails and phone calls and not to mention it just wasn't enough to help support my family.

And then... I found AmeriPlan® and the Freedom at Home Team! I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and that all the time and money I wasted was worth it for finding AmeriPlan® I am with an amazing team and company that is changing lives everyday.  The Freedom at Home Team has been my dream come true! And I hope it to be yours!

If you are looking for a company and team, most of all Mentor that cares about YOU and YOUR SUCCESS... that has experience, and knows what it takes to Build a Business, that has in my opinion, the best Trainers and Mentors that stand by your side every step of the way! Then you need not look any further... You are in the right place. I can truly and honestly say that this team is amazing and has opened up my eyes and heart to helping others live their dreams!

Jaclyn Herbst
National Trainer
Plan Specialist

Home Office: (423)-839-3009

Work From Home... Daily Pay and Benefits!

Request Your Interview Here...

Need Medical, Dental, Vision, Chiropractic?

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