Every time I tell this story, I am told that they have never heard anything like it and there is usually a tear or two. When my first husband and I separated, I was 10 years younger than him, he told me he would take the boys with him to Co. but would give them back once I found a place to live and a sitter. When that time came, he told me that I had abandoned them and I would never see them again. He cut off all communication with them with me and with my parents. Shortly after that he gave them to his brother because he found he couldn't do it. Never once thinking to call me. He and his wife took them to Texas. When they left me, one was 4 yrs old and the other was 14 mos.old. They got divorced and the boys stayed with the wife in Texas. All the years they were growing up, they were told awfull things about me including that I was dead. Since the youngest one never really knew me because of his age, he believed everything they told him. The older one knew differently and didn't listen to them. He even looked in a geneology records to see if I was alive or dead and was happy to find out I wasn't.  7 years ago, a friend that llived in Texas offered to looked them up on the internet and gave them a call.  3 days later, my son John called me.  I always knew in my heart all those years that he would never give up looking for me and that one day we would be together again. A month later, he flew out to CA. to visit me for 3 days. Since then he calls me weekly and sometimes more often than that. I haven't seen him since 2001, but we are working on a visit this September. As for my youngest son, he wants nothing to do with me. Can't blame him because he really doesn't know me at all and everything he has heard  has been all bad and lies.  I thank God every night that he brought my son back to me.  Cherish you kids always because you never know what my come up and they may be gone  for whatever reason. Those years cannot be gotten back. Keep them close and always tell them everyday how much you love them. It will make a difference down the road. 


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:09 AM Oh my Sweetie ~ this has touched my heart.And made me shed a tear.Iam so sorry that you lost your sons.But so happy you have found them once again.What parts does your sons live in.i live in Spring.ANd just believe in your heart the youngest will come around.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:34 PM Congratulations!!!  I'm so happy for you.  It just makes me hold out hope that one day I'll find my older sister & biological mom again :-) !!

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