and we were talking about what we would do if anything were to happen to them or me...for instance, they always tell me their passwords and their accounts and such & make sure I take care of their finances (meaning make sure I take the money- they told me do NOT pay their debt) & make sure that they are cremated.

 So I have been looking into preparation anyway and I found this great book on "What My Family Needs to Know" basically you fill in the blanks of your accounts and such if you pass so that they have this informaiton. I decided I was going to buy a few of them (my partner, her parents, my parents and myself) .

I am also looking into making an emergency type crate  with food, candles, water etc...I know it may seem crazy but you always need to be prepared, even if things seem honky dory at the never know when an emergency might strike. 




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