I was doing a search for bridezillas because yes, I will admit that I was also watching this show!! LOL!

But here are some interesting sites for you all to look thru...mind you only for fun..don't go out and try to "get" somebody...be nice! ROFL!!

1. www.datefromhell.com (exactly what it says! LOL!)
2.www.lifeisgnarly.com (true stories about real people!)
3.www.thefastcompany.com (do a google search on bosses from hell and this site will probably come on up!!)
4.www.etiquettehell.com (should have some interesting bride stories on this one!!!) LMAO!!!
5.www.bossesfromhell.com ( exactly what it tell ya!!) Ha ha !!

Just thought that you might wanna see these very interesting sites!
Have fun reading them!!

Also, go to gather.com..there are some really great writers on this site..I write there as well!!
But, there are really a lot of funny and creative story tellers there!! I think that you might enjoy the stories there!!

I am listed as Julie K. (if you want to read any of my stuff!!)

talk to ya later...


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