its in our household. me and toryn so far. i hope that my 9 yr old didnt pick it up while he was here hes at nanas and papas and papa (my dad) has to have vision surgery to correct an eye problem with his diabetes. i need to go get a perscription to get rid of this and toryn started his tonight. grr. i hate this. at least when i brought lice home from work i didnt share it with anyone. this is gross. i want it gone, but i guess it will build character. lol. like i am worried about that i am more worried about work. we just dont know where it came from. i will have to call my sil to see if her girls have or have had it recently. that is about the only thing i can think of. no one has had it at work. i dont want to close my eyes what if they get stuck together?? ill have to get help to get them washed out. ahh!! my eyelashes. btw i dont wear make up. and i got it from toryn this evening. or when ever he picked it up because since he got sick hes been rubbing his face on my face, and i have probally wiped an eye boogy off and not realized what it was and then touched my eye area. ugh i wish you could see where you get things. maybe we got it at walmart but toryn was in his stroller so he wouldnt have gotten it from there. maybe at his doctors office. this is going to bug me. where in the heck did we pick it up at. tomorrow i am stripping the beds and washing them. i already sprayed my house with disinfectant. how do you disinfect your keyboard?? laptop?? i squirted my cell phone with spay hand sanitizer. just the outside though. grrrrrrrr!!

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