There's so many things that make me angry faster than I can blink.

Hypocrites-When I'm told not to do something, and then the person who told me not to do it turns around and does the same things...ticks me off!
Drama-I blame myself for most of the stuff that happens in my life.  Still, I don't like drama. 
BullCRAP-When someone gets mad because they heard from someone else, that I said "this and that", when I KNOW exactly what I said. THIS IS ONE OF THE THINGS THAT TICKS ME OFF TO NO END!!!! 
-When I tell the truth and people think I'm lying, because I have a record of lying in the past. 
-When I come home from work and the living room is a mess.
-sometimes, life itself:)

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 6:18 AM I agree with all of them as well....but we could only pick three darn it!!!

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