My best friend of 18 years eloped in April to Las Vegas.  He and his new wife have planned a wedding celebration that is scheduled for June 7th.  I bought my ticket to Atlanta, GA back in March with every intention of I am not so sure.  In the last week I have been anxiety ridden to the point that it is unbearable.  I have this overwhelming feeling that something bad is going to happen (ie a plane crash).

 Let me point out that I am going to this celebration without my daughter, and this will be my first trip away from her ever.  I would hate to miss such a joyous occassion because fear has taken over my very being.  I can't figure out if my anxiety is over the guilt of leaving my daughter behind for 4 days, or because intuition is trying to tell me something.  Everyone I have told my concerns to have all told me the same thing, "you are more likely to get into a car accident than you are to be in a plane crash." 

I know this much, my flight leaves at 10:01 am on Wednesday the 4th and at this point in time, I am not certain whether or not I will be on that plane.  I need to know what others think, please share your thoughts.


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 8:38 AM get on the plane. Your fear is probably over leaving your daughter. Think about it if you are still convinced it is a premonition and not about ur child then stay home.

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