So I have been to the dentist 3 times in 8 days for the same tooth. Lost a filling, temp filling - he didn't want to fix, thought it might break, so crown later... it broke 7 hours later. So, 2nd visit, different doc thinks I need root canal because it shouldn't hurt that much, opens up tooth - DING - he figures out why it hurts, cracked at the base, at the gumline (I absolutely believe that it was not the smartest freakin move by doc #1 to tell me part of my tooth looks weak, then push hard on it to set the temp filling; I believe he fractured it). So he extracts the tooth, yay, never lost a tooth b4, just wisdom. But then thurs-fri, pain starts getting worse, severe jaw pain radiating thru head, mom says doesn't sound right. Ok so I look up it is symptom of dry socket. Back in today, different doc again, and different from what I read, he wants to irrigate the clot out, and restart the bleeding to make a new good clot (which I think is much better then putting dressing after dressing, visit after visit), also to put in some gel/foam to hold the clot, and couple sutures. I was good with that idea, since I think the clot dislodged when I started eating, and freakied when food drifted to that side, I think I sucked to get it a little security makes me feel better.


Until the novacaine starts wearing off. While my front teeth, half my tongue and lip are still numb, and it is many hours later and I am hungry and trying to eat, the site of the stitches is waking up. I ate half my burrito, not because I was full, but the pain was getting worse. By the time we were in the car, and my dh is trying not to speed getting me home, my mouth is awake and stinging and on fire. I white knuckled the door, trying not to moan and cry... home, and downing every bit of pain meds I can mix, and cold compress on my jaw. I wanted the dry socket back.

 But few more hours, more pain meds, and I am starting to feel "normal" pain. I just wish that someone could explain what is normal pain and what isn't. If my mom hadn't said it wasn't normal, I wouldn't have gone back, and that could have led to infection, etc. Now I am freaked about every little pain, having to remind myself he didn't think it would really feel a lot better til monday, to give myself 48 hours. 

And this on top of healing fracture on my tailbone (and I kinda think my pelvis), which after 2 months I would like to know why there is still swelling deformity, and massive back pain. I know it isn't normal, but damn it what am I supposed to do!! Yuckers. 

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 2:18 PM

Oh my gosh!

You are so much stronger than I. I would have been crying like a baby. I am terrible with pain.

In regard to jaw pain I would think unless the pain is not "eased' by pain meds or you get a fever I woulsdwatch and see how things go till tomorrow.  

Regarding the tailbone I would go be seen just to be sure. Swelling can be because of different things and I am sure that particular injury takes a while to completely heal, but that doesn't sound right. 

Sorry I am not much more help. I hope you feel better soon nad get some answers.  

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 2:19 PM Oh an dthere is a medical answers group on here too. Not "doctor recommended" answers but other moms who have been through the same thing or who can share ideas. Sometimes it helps.

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