-Hateful people. Hateful to children, hateful to adults, hateful to animals, it doesn't matter. People like this just piss me off and make me want to shake them!! I HATE when I see a hateful deed taking place, sometimes I have to literally talk myself into calming down before intervening in the situation myself!

-Irresponsible people. You know the ones!! How about when your at the mall, or at the beach and you see a 2 year old running down the way all by himself?? No adults in tow? I hate that. I am such a worry wart, and I know how many perverts there are out there. Another irresponsible group? Drunk drivers!!! Parents who don't buckle there kids in properly. Parents who are too busy gossiping to watch there child plow head down from the top of a slide. Parents who do drugs and get drunk instead of being an ADULT and a real PARENT to there children! Deadbeat dads AND moms!! People who never come in to work and when they do they slack off the whole freaking time!

-GAS PRICES! LOL. Self-explainatory!! 

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 7:17 AM HI  , i agree with you hundred precent  , the world is full of them ,  we the mothers or grandmothers are the ones , that get shit on because we care, so many people tell me to mine my business all the time , i am with you ,yes and the lazy Big B the have the boss by there side ,and many people are still on cell phones in cars and smoking in cars , hello Mr.offers friendly were are they ,you have me on the go gets me sooo pissed

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Jun. 6, 2008 at 12:32 PM I agree with you.I think if you have the kids,that you should be the one to watch them,not everyone else.

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