PPLSI - June Promotions!

May 2008 is complete and put in the books!

The entire Company is now focused on recruiting as we
enter the month of June. We're looking forward to a
momentum-building month...one that will shape the
direction of Pre-Paid Legal for the Summer of 2008! 

All rank advancement programs remain the same in June as
they were in May.  This means:

1)  $99 entry fee;
2)  3x1 CFT qualification; and
3)  Move to Sr. Associate with two associate level legs

ADDITIONALLY, don't forget about the Incentive Trip 2009. Are
you busy working toward earning your spot at the Moon Palace
Golf and Spa Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic? Check
out the "Associates Only" section of www.prepaidlegal.com for
contest details and rules.

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