So there has been allot of talk with my DH and job, talk of a promotion and moving to Boise,ID i think it would be great! he wants the promotion, but for some reason i did not know, he seemed kind of sad about going there, so I was having conversation with my DH tonight ( and no that's NOT the sad part :P) kind of telling him, how i felt, and kind of hoped he'd get it, and he opened up like he hadn't in a long time, he started to tell me how his Favorite Uncle lived in Boise... (little background: DH favorite uncle Michael was actually his great uncle, however he was only three years older then DH's mom so they were close, he passed away quite some time ago from leukemia but B still can't bring him up without getting teary eyed, i think it might have been the first death he had to deal with.) well nothing was different this time, he was getting teary eyed and expressed how badly he felt for not keeping in contact with Uncle Michael's kids and so on... (another background: when my DH brings up his family, i try to encourage him as much as i can to reconcile the poor relationship he has with them, i pretty much tell him anytime i can that he can do something about it) i had to slip in there "you know, you need to call your Aunt too... she misses you and loves you so much" this aunt is from the same family... and your grandma (laying it on thick, because i had his ear) he's like grandma Wanda (other side of family) i said NO you know which one... "B you know you need to set things right with your family" he got all teary eyed and said "i closed that part of my heart off" my heart just sank, i didn't know what to say. how do i encourage him, i think little by little the things i slip in get "to him" like planting a seed. at least i hope. am i alone in this struggle? my in-laws "disowned" their son for marrying me. at least that's what we think... they just stopped talking to us, and it mostly has to do with his mother, which her side of the family stopped talking to us too. it's just a big mess, and we don't know how to correct it. i know sometimes you can't, but if it's going to effect us this way... there should be a way to fix it. and that's that about that!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 1:22 PM Maybe take a day/weekend trip to Boise to scout things out and see how he feels once he gets there?

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