Hmmm....that sounds like a new title for a Panic! At the Disco song, now doesn't it.

 Well, I'm sitting here, milking my morning out as much as I can, with my Granola, vanilla soy milk and coffee. I was thinking yesterday, while I was working in rooms at the hotel....I wish I had one of those fancy hand held computer thingies....oh, yeah, a blackberry. I come up with the most amazing crap to ponder on, debate with, rant on, or junk to throw at you all like a ball of catnip to a bunch of kittens...I then come home, and start drooling emptiness because I am so pooped.

One of the things that I was wishing I could rant about: Eco-haters.....they are soooo freaking blatant! We have this "Planet Earth" system incorporated through out the hotel. It's helps us out, helps the prices stay down because less resources are being used, and helps our environment (and with our guests mostly enjoying our White Mountains...yeah, THAT environment). It is soooo freaking blatant who owns the Hummers, and Hemi's out in our parking lot.....usually the same ones who do EVERYTHING our nice little "Green suggestions" ask. These are the people who ask us to change their sheets every single day, and use every single towel we have for them (we set up 2 sets of towels, and two pillows per guest (4 per bed)....which is more than most hotels), and have a sopping wet pile of extra towels from the front desk. For some reason, these are the same guests who are usually the most rude, the messiest, and will not tip (except for the loose change they lost because they were so messy). I wonder if these people do this on purpose to prove a point, or are just dumb.....did they travel their 10 MPG tanks all the way up to these mountains just to take a crap on top of mount Washington for fun....and are these morons driving home throwing trash out the window for ha-ha's as well.....damn, now THAT's a vacation, I tell ya!

 OK, got to go...had to spew this out before I leave. Who knows, maybe more will come to mind as I make beds and scrub the bathrooms....lolol.

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Jun. 11, 2008 at 2:00 AM Oh Jely! I guess that you need to look at it like is humbling, right? Yeh, THESE people...ugg! I find myself getting away from society more and more. I can't stand any people any just hold your head up high, and remember that you are 10 steps ahead of all of them. Fuck them all......

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Jul. 17, 2008 at 1:22 PM I hate those people... I am not sure how they can afford to drive their 10 gallon per mile Hummers and HUGE trucks with one passenger....

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