That's a pretty good question.  Well, let's see #3. Something that really makes me angry is when a parent has a negative attitude 24 hours a day.  Especially when the parents are around their children.  Parents are such an influence to their childrens lives that if their parents are always negative, the child will eventually go through their own lives with that attitude, thinking that it's just the way to be.   2. Neglect on a child.  There are still so many children out in this world that are being neglected for whatever reason is going on and with so many people wanting to adopt in this world, it just shouldn't happen.    My 1st and most important thing that gets me more angry than anything else is ABUSE!!!  Whether it be towards a grown adult or child and whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. A child growing up in a household with any type of abuse will just go through life  just thinking  that it's natural and just pass it on to their own children/family, whichever it may be.   Thank GOD there are so many people and places that help with all these things that I have listed!!!!

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