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its just one of those days.....

well, we started off on a bad note..well, we were looking for something to put lane's milk in..why my husband ask me if it was okay if we put it in an empty wine bottle...i gave him the don't make me cut you look. we just stopped by the store and got a small jug of milk instead..which was the smart thing for him to

so then mr. i don't like listening to betty the navigator keeps taking the wrong turns going off his own 'instincts'...finally we get to animal kingdom. boy was it HOT! i ain't never felt heat of that magnitude! I'ma stay saved b/c i shole can't handle hell's kinda heat if i can't take this! and then i had a blk top on!

So the koalas were screamin top notch! level 14 screaming. ryan act like he can't move other than letting the stroller out so i gave him another guess thats why lane gives ppl the look..

We walk up to the tram. Thank God for that b/c had i had to walk all the way to the gate. pass out! So we get on that, no breeze..its hot..we get to the gate. RUDE attendant.The man getting ppl thru that gate thingy.  Man, i didn't tell you to get this job! The ticket lady and the bag lady was excellent though.

So, we're in, walking around. we were hot like we've been there all day! we go to get on what we thought was a ride. all i felt was a/c..heaven? is this heaven? lol..girl we sat down in that theatre(its tough to be a bug) and you talking about FUNNY! kalea was acting brand new and crying..yea, my 7 yrold scared. I mean this chic was really boo hoooin..So we enjoyed the show, the occasion spray, the water droppings, the 3-d fly swatter that gave a swift pc of air. and then left. We went to Asia. got some ice cream and one of the expensive spray wter fans...11.00. are u crazy! the ice cream, 4 of them, 16.00. yea, i have it bad pricing stuff..ryan told me to cool it, we're on

so, all the kids except the koalas went on ONE ride. they are squares. Kylan enjoyed it. We see now he won't have no problems getting on anything.

The safari! EXCELLENT! bumpy, didn't feel safe, but wonderful! I got some great pics of animals..we saw vultures. Man, they LOOK like they were waiting to eat one of us..shoot, my neice was leaning all on me, i was like chill girl! lol shoot i'm scared to. they were too close, i mean close like if i reach out they gonna snatch me up close. huge alligators. a cow looking animal w/ horns longer and bigger than ME! yall know how i feel about birds of any sort. birds just roaming free. flying up beside you and stuff. one landed in a tree as we were on our way to chester and hesters. and almost pooped. i swear that would be a time i'd choke a bird! ducks everywhere. I'm like where are the attendnts that are supposed to be watching these birds! lol..kylan trying to chase and grab some long beaked thing walking around. i was like boy you better get back over here! he gave me the momma you know i'm dr. doolittle look. I gave him the you better tell them to stay far away from me then look . kalea got 2 more webkinz! SWEET! So now i can earn more $. I was playing last night and after we added Fluffy the cat and Kung Fu Panda, she had 10k webkinz points! do you know what i can do w/ that! lol. kylan got some more animals. brit got a new mp3 from twins got nothing..we gone see about them today. they were clowing the whole time. oh, ryan played something and won a pink turtle.

we left going on 6. it was hot! we ended @ the bug show again..

went shopping @ walmart and came home and got in the pool again. my feet ARE KILLING ME! i'ma have to be nice today so i can get a foot rub! That was that and i'm about to get ready to go again. Talk to yall later!!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 3:17 PM Haha!  Sounds like fun.  Since we have seasonal passes we are at Disney all the time  - and you are SOOO right.  Animal Kingdom is SOOOOO hot!  For some reason it's alot hotter than the rest of the parks though.  You should have went over to the Finding Nemo Musical show - air conditioned theatre!!!  It's a nice break from the sun.  Enjoy the rest of your stay!!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:18 PM I am so happy that you and the family ar ehaving so much fun!  I have started my count down to disney!  We have 23 days before we leave!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:28 PM Anilam Kingdom is definitely hot. It doesn't matter what time of year you go there, I swear they put heaters in all over the place. I loved the safari ride! And next time you want to cool down, go on the river raft ride in Asia! (unless you hate getting!) As for the ducks, they are everywhere! Doesn't matter where you go, I swear it's duck paradise there. Also at 9 pm at the Polynesian resort there's a light and water parade by the lagoon. You don't need to be a resort guest to go see it either. Trust me, the koalas will love it!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:18 PM Aww it sounds like ya'll are having a ball despite the hottness lOl I am so glad you guys are enjoying your vacation.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 2:47 PM Sounds like you guys enojyed yourself!!!!! I can't wait to go to Disney!!!

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