So today is the day we've been waiting for!  Our family's day to "officially" do our own kick off to summer!  A new tradition we are starting this year!  I think it's going to be great!

Danny will be sleeping in this morning...poor guy has to get up so early all week for work.  He's almost done with that training...only 3 more days...then he'll be back on his regular schedule!  YEAH!

Once Danny gets up we will all have some cereal.  This is quite the treat in our house.  I don't normally buy cereal so the kids get very excited when I do.  I bought some Peanut Butter Capn' Crunch...Mmmm!  We will easily eat the whole box to feed all of of the reasons why I don't buy cereal anymore!

I'll be next packing our lunches.  I've never had it before, but I'm going to try and make some peanut butter and marshmellow fluff sandwiches.  I thought this would be a real treat for the kids!  They will feel so naughty being able to eat "marshmellows" on their sandwiches!

I also bought some Pringles and some small brownies to have, too.  Not the most nutrional,'s our holiday...WHO CARES!!!  LOL!!  We are out to have some fun and make some memories today!  These little out of the ordinary things will be what the children really remember when they are grown.  At least that's what I'm hoping for!

Danny & I both were so tired last night, so we decided not to get up early to go see the Totally Turtle activity at the park.  Figured we get to see totally awesome turtles everyday, and ours have already taught us so much about turtles.  From what they said when I called, I think there is going to be 2 shows.  So if we can, we might try and catch the one at 3pm...but not a biggie either way.

I told Zach that we will be going to the park today.  He asked if it was the one with "hole slides"...LOL...YEP!  They have these awesome tunnel type slides {which Zach calls hole slides}.  He loved it there when we went a couple or so weeks ago!  It was cold back then, and didn't get to play for very long, though. 

I'm anxious to get to the park and let them play.  We'll have our picnic.  Maybe take a hike on one of the trails.  Then play some more!  Oh yeah...we are going to have a great day! 

Tonight we will be having our special dinner!  ICE CREAM!  I stole the idea from the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show!  I just thought it would be an awesome treat that will make a great addition to our new tradition!

I bought some fixins' from the store yesterday.  I even got some of that Shell topping...I loved that stuff as a kid, and I don't think my kids have had that yet???  I usually just make chocolate syrup, so I thought that would be fun for them to watch it harden!  I got some M&M's to put on the sundae's and Recee's for Daddy {his fav candy bar!}.  I even got some cherries.  I forgot the whipped topping though...duh on me!  But, I'm sure we will be able to manage! 

Arlee & Frosty were the first ones up this morning...already showered and dressed by the time the little ones and I got up!  Do you think they are anxious to get going???  I think so, too!!

I'm so happy to get our Family Summer started!  It's a new brand new month with some new goals for our family!  YEAH!  I just feel very inspired for some positive changes around here this month!  Hopefully lots of fun, family time, and....oh, yeah FUN! 

Well, I MUST get my day going!  Thanks so much for stopping by to read about the day we have planned today! 

 I hope you all have a great first day of June! 

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