I've been married for 11 years and been a victem of doemestic violence my husband has been incararated for beating me i dont know why i took him back he was not out of prison for a week before it all started again my family pretty much disowns me cuz i took him back he made all these promises to me how he would never abuse me again a treat me like a queen ya right it nevers stops and the verbal abusive is almost harder than the phyical abusive i've moved out of state where all my family is thinking a new start wrong i now know that was a bad step we moved from a small town in iowa to a large city of Stlouis Mo I know only a few people here so i do not really have anyone to talk to I've had my face blackend several times teeth chipped 5 cracked ribs broken nose 8 staples in head broken foot thats just a summery over the years of what he has put me through my son recently moved in with us my husband is carefull not to lay hands on me when my son is home but he recently last week head butted me giving me a black eye and twisting my glasses up i ran over to the fod pantry which i do volenteer work at and they took pictures of my face i 'm kinda stuck right now my husband wont let me get a job so i have no money to leave the bank account is in his name only he has been nice ever since he found out that i have pictures but i know its just a matter of time before it starts again my husband works construstion and makes 29 dollars a hour but he doesnt give me any money like to get teth fixed or go get my hair cut  yes I've put on about 75 lbs since i've moved here with him 5 years ago he calls me fat and discusting i think its mostly stress why i've put on so much weight and being in this house day after day i go to the grocery store on sat but that is usely the only time i get out he wont take me to any of his company doings cuz i'm too fat now he has been lyeing about how much money he has i know he has a drug problem and that s where his money is going  i guess what im needing to know if i divorce him will i get any alimoy  i guess that  i got to go hes up

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:17 AM first of all yes yo wil get alimony, especially since many of the reasons that would make it difficult to find employment HE caused. there are several places that will help you get out of the situation without money and help you get on your feet. Do not go back you deserve better. God sees your worth as far above rubies. Check in your area for a place called the dream center. they are a Christian based organization and they help individuals out in situations like yours. they offer clothign and shelter and food as well as jobs you can do around the facility. They are guarded 24 hours a day so he wont come there to look for you. But you need to refile charges against him, since he already has a mark on his record guess who has more trouble ahead. I will keep you in prayer hun..

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:08 AM Yes, you will get alimony.  Go to a wonen's shelter, and see what resources they can help you with.  There is all kinds help for women in your situation.  I hope you get the help you need.  Good luck.

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Jun. 13, 2008 at 2:15 PM well its been 3 weeks now since my husband head butted my face ever since he found out that ive got pictures taken he has been a totaly different person around me i know this wont last forever it never does but it gives me a little bit of time to plan on where to go . i just signed up for social security this morning sincee Ive got a herpes virus in my right eye now blind in that eye Ill get 892.00 a month thats a start for me i guess thank you for the commets you gave me it helps to know that you can talk to others who have been abused also god bless all of you

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